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<p>C'mon everybody</p>

C'mon everybody

More than just a singer, Eddie Cochran was first and foremost a guitarist and musician. He was a gifted one too, with an original style using the slide technique, but also excelled at the picking guitar. He was a good instrumentalist, and was often employed as accompanist for other singers.His compositions have been taken up by various groups. First of all, ‘Summertime Blues’.Many musicians recognise the debt they owe to some aspect or other of Cochran’s work. These include The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Rod Stewart, Brian Setzner, Led Zeppelin...Incidentally, it was because John Lennon was so impressed by the way Paul McCartney played ‘Twenty Flight Rock’ that he asked him to join his group, The Quarrymen, later known as The Beatles!

    Eddie Cochran - Interprète